I Saw Disney’s Frozen in Concert at The Kennedy Center!

Do you wanna build a snowman?! Come on let’s go and play or, perhaps, watch Frozen in concert at The Kennedy Center! This past Thanksgiving weekend, I kicked off the holiday season with some of my best friends – Brittany and Brianna – by watching the National Symphony Orchestra play Frozen in concert while we watched the movie. Let’s just say that it was AMAZING!

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I am a HUGE Frozen fan for those who know me very well in real life. Olaf is my very favorite Disney character, too (hence, me bringing my two plush Olaf’s to the show!!). And, sadly, Frozen Live didn’t go on tour to Washington, DC, unlike many of the other United States cities that it went to. However, I was very very very close to booking a ticket to see my favorite Disney movie live in Raleigh, North Carolina when they went there. SO, Brianna, Brittany, and I knew we had to go when the National Symphony Orchestra was playing Frozen in concert while watching the movie over Black Friday at the Kennedy Center. I also saw Hamilton back in October at The Kennedy Center, too – read on that here: https://pinkchickadee.com/2022/10/15/i-saw-hamilton-at-the-kennedy-center/

As for getting tickets, I purchased my tickets through The Kennedy Center’s MyTix program, which one of my coworkers told me about back in April. I only paid $29 for an Orchestra seat and met other super friendly young professionals and students who sat right by me (Brianna, Brittany, and their super sweet Mom sat nearby me in a different part of the Orchestra!). The MyTix program is a young professionals/young adults ticketing program for those who are 18-30, active duty, or an undergraduate student with the purpose of making seeing the performing arts more affordable and accessible to everyone. Tickets are posted weekly, on a first-come first-served basis, have no service fees, and several discounts for specific shows at specific seats and dates. The MyTix program is generously funded by David M. Rubenstein. Once registered to be apart of the MyTix program, emails come out weekly with dates and shows and times of which shows will be sold for that week and when. It is worth checking, too. To be apart of the MyTix program and learn more about it, look no further than here: https://www.kennedy-center.org/mytix/

Brianna and I both wore ice blue dresses! Mine is from Exlura (a brand sold on Amazon!) from a collaboration that I did with them back in the Spring fashion season earlier this year. A special thanks to Exlura for gifting me my dress earlier this year, too!! I styled my Exlura dress with a grey cape to make it scream Anna from Frozen that I purchased years ago from Nordstrom Rack. And, my Olaf earrings (which the sales ladies at the gift shop LOVED!!!) are from a favorite small business of mine: Cora’s Den! My boots are from a Jack Rogers clearance sale back in 2020 and a favorite of mine. And, last but not least, my plush Olaf’s are from Amazon (one of which one of my best friends Cassie gifted me!!) and I have them linked below. Shop my Cora’s Den earring which Cassie also gifted me – love you Cassie!!! – here: https://corasden.com/products/olaf-earrings?_pos=1&_sid=fd7cb05f0&_ss=r

The Kennedy Center is one of my favorite places to explore and see in the Washington, DC area. This performing arts center plays homage to not only a place for performances to be performed but also to exhibits such as one that is FREE and plays tribute to former President John F. Kennedy and the most gorgeous rooftop terrace. While there, Brittany and I saw several families with kids and both agreed that “kids need to be exposed to the arts” – something that former President Kennedy strived to introduce and make more accessible to everyone when he decided to create The Kennedy Center when in office. Read more on Papa and I’s experience at The Kennedy Center exploring this vastly extraordinary fine and performing arts center here: https://pinkchickadee.com/2022/09/29/visiting-the-brand-new-the-kennedy-center-jfk-exhibit/

XOXO – Katie <3

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