Washington, DC Spots: Marshall Pond Christmas Village

When it comes to Christmas lights, the tackier the better! Luckily for me, I happened to pop onto Instagram just last week and discovered that there’s a Christmas Village just 15 minutes away from where I live in Northern Virginia: Marshall Pond Christmas Village. Earlier this week, my Papa and I decided to check out Marshall Pond Christmas Village and were in AWE by the incredible Christmas Village light display!

About: The Marshall Pond Christmas Village is a Christmas village put on by residents living on a pipeline off of Marshall Pond Lane. Everyone on that pipeline of homes decked out their yards and houses with the most festive decorations to spread and share Christmas cheer for all to hear! Admission is free and its open everyday up until Christmas from 5-10pm. Families, couples, and friends, alike flock to come and visit this iconic Christmas light display. Festive drinks and pictures are welcome, too, as it is all outdoors.

Getting there: Marshall Pond Christmas Village is best accessible by car, as it’s located in Burke, Virginia about 10-20 minutes from its nearest Metro Station: Franconia-Springfield at the end of the Blue Line. It’s best to park your car along Marshall Pond Lane as the Christmas Village is located down the street’s pipeline. The address you want to enter into your GPS is: 10108 Marshall Pond Lane, Burke, Virginia. For the most up-to-date information, you can join the Marshall Pond Christmas Village Facebook Group which currently has 2,400+ members in it.

I told Papa earlier this week that we *HAVE TO* visit this nearby Christmas village and I knew that he was a bit hesitant – LOL! However, once we parked right in front of the Christmas village, we were in AWE with it all. SO much Christmas cheer and spirit!! Each and every home had its own set of unique Christmas decorations and light displays which was SO FUN to look at and admire. There was *even* a sparkling light tunnel through a community trail that neighborhood residents can take to enjoy the festivities and visitors can walk through a bit, too. Personally, I would say that this all free and easy outing with Papa was a HUGE success!!

Papa and I LOVED visiting Marshall Pond Christmas Village SO MUCH that we raved about it to my Mom and Aunts who also live nearby! Given its proximity to Washington, DC and its surrounding Virginia/Maryland suburbs and free cost to go walk around, I highly suggest visiting Marshall Pond Christmas Village if you’re in the Washington, DC area and want something FREE and FESTIVE to do!

XOXO – Katie <3

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