Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Sale January 2023!

Hey y’all & happy almost-Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Sale time!!! The Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Sale is like my own personal version of the Super Bowl (because, yes – I avoid watching the Super Bowl LOL!). It is filled with happy carts, happy clothing, and lots of great bargains that are rarely to be seen in the glorious Lilly Pulitzer world. However, the Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Sale, while it is pretty great, can have its fair share of not-so great moments too. In today’s blog post, I am going to be spilling ALLL the tea on the upcoming Sunshine Sale January 2023!

The Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Sale January 2023 will begin Thursday, January 5th at approximately 8am and end Friday, January 6th at 11:59pm. Historically speaking, the Sunshine Sale has been on a Monday-Tuesday so this year is a new excitement! The Sunshine Sale will only be online, so that ALL Lilly Pulitzer lovers get a chance to shop. For more information, look no further than the Lilly Pulitzer Sale page:

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To shop anything and everything in the sale or on the Lilly Pulitzer site for that matter, please feel free to use the following link. As always, I greatly appreciate every ounce of support that y’all give me:

If you don’t know, the Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Sale (formerly known as the After Party Sale) is Lilly Pulitzer’s biannual sale. It typically happens every January and September for only A FEW DAYS. Lilly Pulitzer does not have a sale section on their website (only in stores which can be hit or miss) which is something unique about the brand, making their sales SO MUCH more exciting and special. It is primarily online and has been in recent years due to COVID-19, yet many Lilly Pulitzer boutiques and Signature Stores do offer early access over the weekends in stores before the sale launches online. Many of Lilly Pulitzer’s Signature Stores and Zappos (sometimes Belk, too!) offer sales online (those that have websites, though) starting at midnight the day of, so definitely stay up for that! Other Signature Stores offer shipping at a flat fee when you call their storefront during the duration of the sale to purchase – THIS can be a great way to purchase from a Signature Store (which ALL are small businesses) while sometimes *EVEN* getting a product you wanted from the sale which could be out of stock online before you get a chance to shop. Check out several of Lilly Pulitzer’s Signature Stores and their websites, which I list in this blog post here:

Lilly Pulitzer’s Sunshine Sale is an experience to not be missed. Personally, I prefer to shop online as I am NOT a fan of the big crowds and long lines which may come with shopping in-store the weekend before. However, I DID get the amazing opportunity to shop the Sunshine Sale in-store in September 2022 (the most recent Sunshine Sale) at The Pink Crab in Annapolis. The ladies at The Pink Crab were SOOOO sweet and made my shopping experience one that I look back on and smile about to this day. Though I did shop in-store once during the Sunshine Sale, I have yet to experience the typical crowds that come with shopping it this way. But, on the other hand, as someone who primarily works from home, I get so giddy to wake up at 8am on a Monday morning to shop and then get going on my work without the Monday blue’s. Sometimes, I *even* shop the drops the next day(s) during the Sunshine Sale, too. It is just such an exciting time!

While I won’t dedicate this blog post to writing a bunch of tips about the Sunshine Sale, I will share some blog posts that I wrote in years past that include TONS of Sunshine Sale tips that are still pretty relevant to this day! I will say, though, that my biggest piece of advice is to be open-minded about what may be in the sale. I know many people who have made lists for the things that they want in the Sunshine Sale, which can either be a good or bad thing. I have also seen people being given the wrong package during the Sunshine Sale (especially in September 2022 – tons of complaints on Lilly Lovers Facebook groups!) so BEWARE and MINDFUL. In the meantime, you can read my previous Sunshine Sale blog posts, including several tips (!!!), here:

In the meantime, happy shopping!!

XOXO – Katie <3

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