3 Years a Blogger!

Flash forward to Summer 2019 and I was dreaming of starting my own blog. I had followed some pretty incredible bloggers (some of which I am friends with today!) that helped inspire me to start my own journey as a blogger. Three years later, I am proudly sitting here today having been a blogger here on my The Pink Chickadee platform since January 15, 2020. Since that January 15, 2020, I have been featured on the social media pages of the likes of Starbucks, Scout Bags, Stay Arlington, The DC Blogger Union, Visit Lewes, and Stoney Clover Lane. I have been lucky enough to have collaborated with Panera Bread, Shapermint, Glitter & Daisies, VIVAIA, Reserve Pass, Shop Navy Bleu, OPI, Exlura, The Inspiration Co, and MANY MORE! At the same time, I have been thankful enough to call some of my fellow preppy fashion influencers, bloggers, and small business owners alike some of my best friends. Sitting here today in January 2023, I did not expect any of this to have happened with my platform. I am beyond grateful, thankful, and blessed to be where I am today. And guess what?! YOU have helped make all this magic happen here at The Pink Chickadee. So, thank YOU!

Confession: I had my own blog called Katie’s Runway Report/The Chic back in middle school and high school, another one called Tales of a High School Fashionista in *surprise* high school (!!!), and *yet* another blog called Katie’s Closet Blog in my later high school/college years. However, although I had dipped my toes a bit into the blogging world, I knew that I wanted to start from scratch and create my own rather long-term blog and platform to have that would be solely mine. I had suffered a major heart break back in the early Fall 2019 semester which really compelled my interest in having my own blog. I wanted something that was only mine. In North Carolina where I was for college, many of my classmates were falling in love and finding even their now-husbands and wives. It was rough, but I knew that I wanted something of my own for the long-term haul.

When I started The Pink Chickadee, I was beyond anxious to put myself out there as I had been on social media. It was scary. I was then a Junior in college who was well-known amongst my classmates and in my college community, as a committee member on multiple committees, my Lilly Pulitzer outfits on a regular occasion, and my big social circle (which has evolved since graduation). I had a launch party for my platform on January 15, 2020 and I remember my blog launching 4 hours before I had planned it to due to having my WordPress platform set to British timezones – LOLLLL!!! I was SO nervous when my blog had launched and was just jumping into the blogger world. Read more about my launch party here: https://pinkchickadee.com/2020/01/18/the-pink-chickadees-launch-party/

Flash forward to today and I have come A LONG WAY. I have coded and re-coded and re-coded my website on many occasions and created a platform here on The Pink Chickadee that I am proud of. In the past 3 years since I started blogging, the world of an influencer/blogger has changed like crazy and has become quite overwhelming at times. However, through it all, I strive to be myself and share what I want to share and keep it at that, whether it be the types of content that I share and content. Through it all, I think it is SO important as a blogger to just do YOU and always be YOU. 3 years in the making and I am SO excited to see what is to come here on The Pink Chickadee!

***A special thanks to my best friends Alanna, Bree, Chandler, Claire, Hannah, Kearra, and Rachel for coming out on my Blogaversary to celebrate me and 3 years of The Pink Chickadee!! Without y’all’s and many more friends’ and family’s support, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Thank you all for your tremendous support over the past 3 years. And, the best part is?! The best is yet to come! Here’s to many more years!!!

XOXO – Katie <3

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