I Saw Wicked at The Kennedy Center!

I have always LOVED the meaningful storyline behind Wicked! Not only is it portrayed in the iconic musical that I got to see live just recently, but it is also portrayed in-depth in the books. My good friend Brittany reads the Wicked book and has learned SO much more than what is shown on the stage and it is all SO NEAT. I went on a solo date (which by the way EVERYONE should do this every so often!!) to see Wicked at The Kennedy Center just a few nights before it closed on January 22, 2023. I had an amazing time seeing Wicked live for the second time since seeing it at West End when I studied abroad in London in July 2018.

On my Instagram (follow me @_thepinkchickadee!), I shared ALL of my recent adventures (which I will be posting about *very soon*, too!) along with watching Wicked on tour. Wicked on tour was the first this weekend of many super fun recent adventures. It was really fun to see after almost 5 years when I saw it at London’s West End. 5 years ago, I was in a very different place than I was now. I have grown and learned so much over the past 5 years and I’m SO SO SO proud of myself for my own personal growth, too. In London even while studying abroad and knowing the transit system there and being able to navigate it on my own, I was *still* super nervous to do things by myself. Needless to say, 5 years ago, I didn’t feel comfortable by myself and with myself – sad but true. However, 5 years later, now I do and I even saw Wicked by myself: something I *just* wouldn’t have done when in London. You can read more about my London adventures while studying abroad, especially if you’re planning a trip there here: https://pinkchickadee.com/2020/09/05/my-study-abroad-experience-in-london/

***Photos of me seeing Wicked for the first time at London’s West End – July 2018!

I have LOVED getting to go visit The Kennedy Center over the past few months. There is SO MUCH to see here at this extraordinary fine and performing arts center. The Kennedy Center serves as much more than a theatre for performances that come from all across the world for fellow Washingtonians to see. A few months ago, back in October 2022, I went solo to see Hamilton the Musical on tour live at The Kennedy Center, too. I, then, saw a Frozen in Concert singalong with the National Symphony Orchestra over Thanksgiving 2022 weekend. And, in September 2022, my Papa and I took a visit to the then-brand-new John F. Kennedy (JFK) permanent exhibit on the top floor *and* to check out the iconic rooftop terrace. Read them all here:

So, a fun fact about The Kennedy Center is that if you are sick or there is inclement weather the day of your scheduled event there, they will transfer your tickets to another date of your choosing. ALL you have to do is contact the box office and they will be happy to help. Unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling well on my initially-scheduled date to see Wicked. BUT, luckily, the box office transferred me to the day that I went recently AND got me a better seat with a better view. ALL I had to do was pay the difference between the cost of the initial ticket to the one that I booked through the box office. The box office was GREAT and super helpful! I ended up in the same section that I booked (Tier 2 Balcony), but was in the center part of it rather than the left or right. My views were impeccable!!

I arrived at The Kennedy Center pretty early (at least an hour early) and was able to successfully get to my seat and purchase the souvenir book from the gift shop before the crowds started pouring in. My best friend Brianna went to see Wicked with her family not once but twice and loved it. Brianna told me to get there early, too, so thanks to her! The night of the show, the weather was super foggy and rainy, so I opted to Uber there rather than Metro and take the free shuttle that The Kennedy Center offers from the nearest Foggy Bottom Metro Station to there, as I’m not one to drive into the city. The people sitting by me were super friendly, which made my experience all that more special!! Through it all, because I saw Wicked, I *truly* felt changed for the better!

I am definitely looking forward to another solo date at The Kennedy Center. Performances such as The Lion King and Into The Woods will be coming in 2023 as the year progresses. It seriously is a GREAT way to relax and sincerely take myself and only myself out on a nice date!

XOXO – Katie <3


  1. I saw Wicked five times

    It is crazy to think when my first time was- August 2006 at The Gershwin Theater (date with my mom on Broadway); literally loved Wicked for 16 and 1/2 years

    The other four were the US Tour- all being in my hometown (the show literally improved so much since my first visit as I discovered more and more about the show and characters)

      1. Spectacular, in my opinion- Wicked sparked my love for musicals. Where my journey with them truly began

        Wicked is my favorite musical; despite another musical sharing that title too

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