The Blessings of College Friendships!

Friendships come and go, but there is something OH SO special about bonds made during the college years. Just like during any another stage of life, not all friendships that are made while in college prevail outside of the college years. However, those special friendships that do last into the postgraduate years are one’s that are special and destined to potentially last a lifetime.

While at Meredith College, I was so lucky to have made several friends during my time there. The majority of those friendships do not prevail to this day and that is OKAY. I am a firm believer that although some friendships do not last a long time, they each teach us certain lessons that will carry us throughout our lifetime. Many of my college friendships that did not survive to this very day made me realize that there are blessings in now non-existent connections. They teach us different lessons about our life, whether it be knowing our self worth, enjoying happy memories, and learning more about ourselves. Whatever the lesson and case may be, that IS a blessing to have learned that lesson (or two or three!). They say that people come into our lives for a reason and that is indeed true when it comes to those who may not play an important role in our lives anymore, even if they used to.

I am lucky enough to say that I have several friendships from my college years that I am still blessed to be able to have today. We have made several memories together since our college years, including visiting me in Washington, DC (and many more who still want to come visit!!!), going on a weekend getaway to Asheville, North Carolina, celebrating one another’s birthdays and graduations and people coming from both near and far to do so, and going back to our much loved alma mater Meredith College for Homecoming Weekend to commemorate where it all began. We spend late nights texting, FaceTiming, and talking to one another from time to time and some on a regular basis. We still get one another Birthday presents, enjoy touching base, and plan our next time to see one another. We reminisce on the good times that we had at Meredith College and look towards the future. We empower one another as we kick start our own careers in this adult world that can be scary and unknown, yet exciting. We make the time to be there for each other, despite being across state borders and in different cities both hours and miles apart. We are each others’ blessings in our lives and perhaps soulmates in a friend-like manner.

My several friendships made in college are some of the biggest blessings within my own life. Last weekend, I was visiting my friend Alanna for her Birthday weekend. We got dinner with a mutual friend and my former roommate, Sophie, who happened to be in town for the weekend from medical school in South Carolina and all talked for HOURS at the restaurant. We visited the nearby old downtown of Apex, North Carolina and met up with our friend Hannah for chips, queso, and tacos. We also celebrated Alanna’s Birthday with steak and potatoes and *of course* cake with our friends Hannah and Aspen along with her parents. My week was busy and tiring before then and making the trip down to Raleigh was so so so needed. It was, indeed, refreshing and the perfect way to reconnect and refuel myself before working again the next week.

Every time I see my college friends, I feel 1000% better, *even* when I don’t feel like socializing or doing perhaps anything. To me, that is the sign of true friendship. I am SO grateful to be able to have great friends like the ones that I have from college. They truly keep me going in my good days and my bad days. To have those friendships that have stuck it out through the rollercoaster that is known as life are meant to be destined to last a long long time. And, that I am forever grateful for.

XOXO – Katie <3

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