My New Favorite Washington, DC Area Trail!

Ever since I went on mission trips in high school with my local church, I was a sucker for a scenic view whenever we would pass them! Although back in my high school church years we never really stopped at really any of the scenic views, I always used to love when we passed by them! Up until recently, I discovered a Washington, DC area trail that is pretty much a scenic view at EVERY TURN! And, that trail is …. the Mount Vernon Trail!

According to the National Park Service, the “Mount Vernon Trail is an 18-mile paved trail that stretches from George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate to Theodore Roosevelt Island. It connects with regional trails, including the Potomac Heritage, Custis, Rock Creek, Four Mile Run, and Woodrow Wilson Bridge Trails.” It is also a short walk from the Arlington Cemetery, Rosslyn, Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport Metro stations which are accessible from multiple Metro lines. It is open daily from 6am-10pm and there are several parking spots along different parts of the trail. Papa and I parked at a lot right by George Washington’s Mount Vernon via an offshoot of Route 1. For more information on the Mount Vernon Trail, look no further than here:

Papa, Rosie, and I parked, as I said before, right by George Washington’s Mount Vernon at one of the first pull off’s on the southern side of the trail. We walked not super far on the trail as Rosie aka my dog is a mega barker and guard dog when it comes to bikes and scooter and motorcycles, but the entire time we were there, I was beyond impressed with the trail. The trail’s scenic views at every turn, bridges, and flora, and nature make it worth a stop and a great place to workout while enjoying a great place. I find it super neat that the Mount Vernon Trail goes from George Washington’s Mount Vernon ALL THE WAY to the monuments in Washington, DC. Papa actually biked the entirety of the Mount Vernon trail from Virginia to the monuments years ago – how neat!! At the same time, my Mom has also biked along the Mount Vernon Trail for many of her workouts and LOVES it. Knowing the significance both historically and via the love that my family has for the Mount Vernon Trail makes me want to fall in love with this spot, too.

One of the things that I plan to do during peak cherry blossom season this year (which will be March 25-29, 2023!!!!) is to visit the cherry blossoms along the Mount Vernon Trail. Apparently, the Mount Vernon Trail is a GREAT place to see the cherry blossoms *without* the crowds of the Tidal Basin! Recently, I have been looking up places to see the cherry blossoms that don’t come with the crowds and lack thereof of personal space, so this trail favorite of mine will fit the bill.

A MAJOR perk of living in the Washington, DC area is the plethora of trails, parks, and scenic views that have some sort of historical and/or national significance and are FREE to all who visit and use them. The affordability and lack of money that it costs to visit some extremely notable sites is one of the reasons why I LOVE the Washington, DC area and city for others to visit, too. The Mount Vernon Trail is just one of MANY examples of affordable/free places to see in the Washington, DC area!

XOXO – Katie <3

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