How I Spice Up My Weekly Routine

A few months ago, one of my good friends asked me how to make a weekly routine that can be so mundane *just* a little more exciting. To be frankly honest, it took me a while to nail down a weekly routine as it can get pretty boring with the 9-5 work days every Monday-Friday. Ever since I graduated from college, I wanted to find fun things to do with my time when I was not on the job. SO, today, I am going to share a few ways that I spice up my weekly routine!

Post-graduation life can be a tough adjustment. Going into adulthood after living in a college dorm/apartment with all of my best friends just doors/an easy walk away was a challenge for me. I felt spoiled having made plans with those in my social circles all the time to having practically no plans at my fingertips. Even though work can take up a bit of my time during the week even after the typical hours of 9-5 from time to time via happy hours, networking events, and professional development, I think it is vital for every person to have a strong work-life balance. The “life” part of the work-life balance can be pretty tricky to navigate, too, especially during a big life transition from the college world.

At the same time, I don’t have a huge interest in night life like many of my fellow peers and, yes, I am 23 as I write this. I have learned that there is MUCH MORE to life than going to the bar every night (DC area bar life culture is big on this) and repeating after the work day or on the weekends. I do go out a bit on occasion, but I prefer to check out the booming Washington, DC foodie scene than anything. However, on the same token, if bars are your thing, then that is GREAT and you SHOULD go enjoy them when and while you can! Read more on my *lack* of excitement on the subject of nightlife here:

The following items are ways that I spice up my weekly routine:

  • Try a new-to-me local restaurant – As previously mentioned, the Washington, DC area’s foodie scene is growing faster than ever before. There are SO many new-to-me restaurants and cafes galore that I want to try! Sometimes, it’s nice to get out of dining at my usual restaurants/cafes and trying some place that is new to me. Trying a new restaurant ALSO makes for some great content on this platform 🙂
  • Take a walk – Whether or not I take my dog with me or go somewhere in the neighborhood or farther away, a nice walk is a GREAT way to clear my head after a long day. Especially as it gets warmer outside, I am excited to check out some new trails and visit some local spots that I rarely take the chance to stop by.
  • Get some coffee – I usually try to go get some coffee at my nearby Starbucks 1-3 times/week. I LOVE the community of baristas at my local Starbucks, as they always put a smile on my face. These Starbucks runs of mine make for excellent work breaks or pick-me-ups after errands.
  • Shop at a different-than-usual grocery store – Sometimes, all it takes is a visit to a different grocery store. Nearby, I have Safeway, Giant, Food Lion, Wegman’s, Aldi, Lidl, Walmart, Target, Amazon Fresh, and Whole Foods. I LOVE getting to stop by a different grocery store, as I usually place an Instacart order at my local Food Lion (I save A LOT of $$ this way!). At the same time, I always find something so so so magical about wondering the aisles of a grocery store. Even if I have the majority of my grcoeries at home already, it still is fun to check out one of the many grcoery shops near me!
  • Pick up my prescriptions and check out TJ Maxx/Home Goods – I get my prescriptions at my local Safeway near *none other than* TJ Maxx and Home Goods! SO, I always make sure to check out the TJ Maxx and Home Goods right by that Safeway and make such a mundane outing a lot more fun.
  • Watch Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy while cooking a new-to-me recipe – Every so often during the week, I listen into Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. While I tune into some of my favorite weeknight shows, I usually dedicate some time to cooking a recipe that I have yet to try! That way, I can eat well and enjoy shows that I LOVE.
  • Go thrifting – One of my newest favorite hobbies is …. thrifting! There are A LOT of great thrift stores within a 30 minute drive of my house with several items retailing for under $10 and $15 at the very most. Thrifting is like a treasure hunt, and I find it to be such a blast. More to come on some of my favorite super cheap scores Northern Virginia thrift stores!!!

During the week, it can feel so so so boring once we sign off of work. While it is necessary and healthy and needed to simply have days where we literally do nothing and nothing only, it is also important to find some joy in the mundane. Spicing things up in our ordinary lives simply makes the ordinary … extraordinary!

XOXO – Katie <3

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