The Life of Katie!

Long time, NO life of Katie! It, indeed, feels like centuries (well, January 25 to be exact) since I last wrote a life of Katie blog post! A lot has happened in my life since January 25, 2023 which is ALMOST 3 months ago both personally and professionally, including: experiencing an evening hit and run by a bus after a dinner with a friend and grocery shopping, taking trips to Raleigh, North Carolina and Carlisle, Pennsylvania and Louisville, Kentucky, having two visits from friends visit me for my second-ever National Cherry Blossom Festival as a Washington, DC area professional, commemorating first-time and 100th+ time reunions with several friends and family members, chopping off my hair into a lob, helping to coordinate an International Women’s Day panel event at my company with others in my company, starting to work in the health market full-time at my company (as opposed to defense and health markets), and continuing to work on myself and grow personally in a multitude of different ways. Needless to say, the life of Katie has been a whirlwind of both highs and lows, yet, through it all, I have become stronger and more self-aware.

***Photos on a day trip to City Center, Washington DC

As always, I view life as an everlasting cycle of one working on themselves. I didn’t view life this way up until within the past year, and I see this newly developed perspective of mine as such a gift. And *of course* as promised, here are some updates into the Life of Katie:

  • Thrifting – In the past 3 months, I have gone thrifting more than I ever have in the past! While in April I am thrifting less than I did in both February and March and well shopping in general beyond things I need, I did have a blast finding some extraordinary name-brand items that I would have paid hundreds for otherwise. Most items I get at the thrift store I get for under $15! The name brand items I have found since January 25 include a Coach logo handbag, Gretchen Scott dress, Vineyard Vines shorts, Maeve dress, Kate Spade crossbody handbag, Vera Bradley scarf, Lilly Pulitzer mug, Tory Burch blouse, North Carolina (my college state!) hand-painted tin plate, Jack Rogers sandals, Lilly Pulitzer scarf, and Talbots cardigan. I have bought wayyyy too much (hence why I am cutting back on shopping a bit!), but I am really happy with what I have scored and am enjoying what I have now.
  • Overcoming Trauma – Last Spring and Summer, I had a few *very* strange interactions that made me super uncomfortable from those that it should not have come from. It took me a LONG time to process these interactions as they made me feel scared, traumatized, and overly anxious. I didn’t even want to do things locally as a result of fear of more of these interactions. But, as I worked a lot more on myself, the more I realized that these people who were the source of these interactions were 1/1,000,000+ people in my area and even the world and that there is SO MUCH good around me. I’ve started to focus on the good more and learn more and grow as a person. That self-growth allowed me to both process and overcome this trauma that I had from those uncomfortable interactions and be able to better set limits for myself moving forward.
  • Old Lady Spring/Summer – I am truly striving to enjoy the sunshine more so this year! On my Instagram (follow me @_thepinkchickadee!), I shared a bit about how this year Hot Girl Spring/Summer is now Old Lady Spring/Summer!! With Old Lady Spring/Summer, I am home by 8pm every night, enjoying my wine on the back porch, staying at home and binge watching my favorite shows, and breaking out allll the florals and chunky knit cardigans (heat permitting!). My friend a few weeks back asked me if I was wanting to couple up or enjoy Hot Girl Summer, and, well, she inspired me to respond with the fact that I am parttaking in Old Lady Spring/Summer!!
  • Travel – Since January 25, I have traveled to North Carolina, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and done a few day trips close to home in Virginia and Washington, DC. Needless to say, all this travel both near and far has been such a highlight for me!!! It has been so special to spend time with friends who come to visit me and I come to visit them and to hang with those who live close to me too and aren’t a 4 hour+ car ride or plane ride away. Travel has always been a special thing for me and having those I love be apart of it and the cultural learning and awareness that has come too makes it even more special. I have a few maybe a lot of trips planned for this Summer and even Fall and some in 2024 and I couldn’t be happier to do them with those that I love. I feel extremely blessed to be able to have such incredible friends and family members who hype me up and vice versa. It truly is a gift.
  • Healthy Lifestyle – Recently, I have started eating healthier. It has been a whirlwind of fear and emotions that have gone into my decision to start diving into a healthier lifestyle, but it has been worth it in the end. Before I made the choice of healthy living, I was always tired and it was making me feel sick and negatively affecting my mental health. I cut out sugar from all of my drinks (including coffee), refuse to eat much sugar, strive to use painkillers a lot less and choose more natural pain relievers, and avoid fried foods more often than not. Needless to say, I feel A LOT better physically and mentally. Feeling better helps us to be our best selves!!

Life has been a whirlwind since my last life of Katie blog post, but everything since then has helped shape me into who I’m meant to become.

XOXO – Katie <3

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