DC Dining – April 2023

Over the past few months, I have LOVED getting to dine at several different Washington, DC area restaurants, cafes, wineries, and much more. In the past, I used to write a blog post per desintation, however, in recent times, I have LOVED getting to share each place that I dine at in a monthly (or bi-monthly) round-up. This April 2023, I commemorated the start of Spring with friends and family both near and from afar and visiting along with early Birthday celebrations. April 2023 has been nothing short of a special month for me this year. April truly is the start of Spring here in the Washington, DC area! I feel beyond blessed and happy to have been able to dine at and try some incredible places this past month. Now, let’s get into it!

Cheesetique Shirlington (4024 Campbell Ave, Arlington, VA)

With locations in both the Northern Virginia suburbs of Shirlington and Del Ray, Cheesetique is a woman-owned wine and cheese bar and also a sit down restaurant. I went with my Papa and Aunt Amy and we checked out the Shirlington location. I was IN AWE when we walked in as Cheesetique is filled along its walls and decked out with *none other than* wine bottles and cheese for purchase, which can all be purchased online, too. Not to mention, Cheesetique has cheese-related puns everywhere! What could be better?!

Papa, Aunt Amy, and I tried Cheesetique’s limited-edtion Cherry Blossom drink and menu special. I got a gorgeous cotton candy-topped mocktail and Aunt Amy got one of their cocktails. And, all of us ordered one of their signature cheese-y dishes, whether it be French Onion Soup or Grilled Cheese. And, for dessert, we got raspberry-themed cheesecake which was AMAZING! All in all, a GREAT time! Read more about Cheesetique here: https://www.cheesetique.com/

Open Road Rosslyn (1201 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA)

What could be better than popcorn and beer?! The signature complimentary starter dish is none other than POPCORN at Open Road!!! So, what did I do?! Order a beer to enjoy while I waited for my best friend Shivani to arrive! Shivani and I met up for dinner at Open Road after one of her evening classes and I happened to get there earlier than she did. We enjoyed burgers, catching up, and beer and wine. The decorations at Open Road feature all-American decorations, including local Washington Nationals baseball team paintings along with pop culture references to stars like Marilyn Monroe.

One of the incredible things about Open Road is that in 2021 The Washington Post ranked it one of the top places to work in the Washington, DC area. Along with its Rosslyn location, Open Road has a location in Merrifield, Virginia close to the Mosaic District. Read more about Open Road Rosslyn (and Merrifield) here: https://www.openroadgrill.com/location/rosslyn/

Commonwealth Joe Coffee Roasters (520 12th Street South Suite 150, Arlington, VA)

Known for its award-winning coffee and huge passion and innovation for the creation of the latest and greatest coffee, Commonwealth Joe strives to bring together people for the common good. I first discovered Commonwealth Joe (located in the Pentagon City neighborhood of Arlington, Virginia) in March of 2022 when my friend Brittany brought me here as it was a favorite of hers. Brittany has GREAT taste in cafes, as she is such a friendly person and Commonwealth Joe 10000% fits both of our vibes! The cafe is ALWAYS decked out for the season with seasonal menus too (in March 2022 it was a Winter Wonderland theme and in April 2023 it was a Spring cherry blossom theme!) and their staff is beyond friendly. Beyond the super fun seasonal themes at Commonwealth Joe, the cafe truly does bring people together, as they have a mural full of sticky notes where people can write what they’re thankful for (I wrote my family back in March of 2022). When I came back in April after seeing their super fun Spring menu, I was amazed to se how gorgeous Commonwealth Joe was decked out AND how kind the staff was which I remembered back in March of 2022. I ended up going solo this time around in April and loved the kind atmosphere and my Spring-themed Raspberry-flavored latte. I will definitely be back!!!

Commonwealth Joe also sells their award-winning coffee right to your doorstep (which is tempting me at this *very* moment as I write this blog post!!). And, Commonwealth Joe even has a subscribe and save option. I truly LOVE Commonwealth Joe’s culinary coffee mission that brings so many people together. Read more here: https://commonwealthjoe.com

Daniel O’Connell’s (112 King Street, Alexandria, VA)

Daniel O’Connell’s is an Irish-owned Irish pub established in 2006 in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. It is located in Old Town Alexandria’s main King Street *pretty close* to the waterfront park there and one of my favorite King Street stores – The Lucky Knot. Thursday’s-Sunday’s, Daniel O’Connell’s plays live music with a different singer on each day on a weekly basis. I went here with my good friend from high school James and we had a great time. I ordered *none other than* fish n’chips and a Guinness (when in Rome – am I right?!) and James ordered a beer and I think Shepherd’s pie. We enjoyed the live music by Brian Gaffney at the bar and one another’s company.

Growing up, I would go to Daniel O’Connell’s with my Dad along with other Irish pubs. I truly have a loving affinity for Irish pubs! And, well, Daniel O’Connell’s is NO different in being an Irish pub that I love!! Read more about Daniel O’Connell’s here: https://www.danieloconnells.com

Tatte City Center (1090 I Street NW, Washington, DC)

Tatte is a bakery selling pastries, soups, sandwiches, quiches, and *of course* coffee all across the Washington, DC area. Tatte also has location across the Boston, Massachusetts area. I met up with my college best friends Cassie and Caroline at Tatte’s location in City Center of Washington, DC when they came to town in April. I have also been to the Clarendon neighborhood location that Tatte has in Arlington, Virginia. I HAVE to say that Tatte’s interior design is so so so elegant and classy and Instagrammable!! Tatte is always a busy spot, as it is a popular cafe hub for people to study, visit with friends/family, or get a morning/afternoon pick-me-up. The coffee and food is 10/10 quality, too! Cassie and Caroline and I enjoyed the gorgeous environment at Tatte and one another’s company.

When looking at Tatte’s website, I was beyond impressed with how many locations (and counting!!) that Tatte has in the Washington, DC area besides Clarendon and City Center, including: Dupont Circle, Capitol Crossing, Bethesda, Foggy Bottom, and *very soon* 14th Street. Read more about Tatte here: https://tattebakery.com

Barrel Oak Winery (3623 Grove Lane, Delaplane, VA)

Barrel Oak Winery (also known as BOW) is a dog-friendly winery in the Piedmont Region of Virginia about an hour west of Washington, DC. It is known as Virginia’s “Most Family Friendly Winery in the World” according to Wine Enthusiasts. The owners are a local family that strive to “usher in the next generation of Virginia wine lovers, and remain steadfast in preserving our history and core” (via their “Our Story” page). And, their native Virginian winemaker Jeremy Ligon is extremely passionate about producing world class wines made in Virginia. Papa and I met my best friend Stephanie and her super sweet parents at BOW and we each brought our dogs Rosie and their dog Teddy. BOW is unique in that they allow dogs both inside and outside their properties (hence the name BOW!). They have live music and food trucks bringing in some tasty delights. We happened to be there during oyster weekend (!!!!). It is a popular winery in Virginia and the Washington, DC area and *very* well-liked amongst many fellow Washingtonians!

I most definitely want to come back to BOW, as Stephanie and her family LOVE it having gone on their expedition to see *as many* Virginia wineries as possible! Read more about BOW here: https://barreloak.com

Clyde’s of Georgetown (3236 M Street NW, Washington, DC)

Clyde’s is a favorite amongst both residents of the Washington, DC area and visitors, alike. Since its establishment in the Georgetown neighborhood on M Street in 1963, Clyde’s of Georgetown helped “transform M Street from a row of dimly lit watering holes to the commercial destination it is today” (via their “Hours and Location” page). Clyde’s it is an all-American bar serving All-American and Mid-Atlantic delights, including their amazingly delicious crab cakes. I went here with Cassie and Caroline when they came to visit me for dinner and was amazed at how beautiful the restaurant interiors is. Not to mention the fact that the staff at Clyde’s are beyond kind and caring!!

Alongside Georgetown, Clyde’s has locations in Gallery Place, Chevy Chase, and Mark Center along with others. Read more about Clyde’s and make your reservation here: https://www.clydes.com/location/georgetown/

Old Ebbitt Grill (675 15th Street NW, Washington, DC)

Old Ebbitt Grill is one of the most well-known Washington, DC area restaurants!! It is perfectly situated right by the White House and near ALL of the iconic Washington, DC monuments. Old Ebbitt Grill was established in 1856 and is known as being Washington, DC’s old saloon when innkeeper William E. Ebbitt purchased a boarding house. Former United States Presidents Ulysses S. Grant, Andrew Johnson, Warren Harding, Grover Cleveland, and Theodore Roosevelt (whose hunting collection is on display in the restaurant to this very day!) have visited the iconic bar. My best friend Haley and I dined at Old Ebbitt Grill for my Birthday weekend pre-seeing Aladdin the Broadway musical on tour at the National Theatre where our super kind server Henry gave us dessert on the house to celebrate the occasion! My first time ever dining at Old Ebbitt Grill was right before Thanksgiving in November 2022 when my best friend Hannah came to town for a conference. Read my blog post from my initial experience at Old Ebbitt Grill here: https://pinkchickadee.com/2022/11/26/washington-dc-spots-old-ebbitt-grill/

For more information on Old Ebbitt Grill, its iconic history, and how to make a reservation, look no further than here: https://www.ebbitt.com

Here’s to many more memories made beyond April 2023!!

XOXO – Katie <3

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