2023 Reader Survey Results & Upcoming Blogger Goals!

Just a few months ago, I sent out a reader survey (look NO further than here) to survey y’all on my blogging platform here via The Pink Chickadee, what y’all LOVE seeing, and what y’all want to see moving forward. Every single year, I strive to host a reader survey along with a $25 Target gift card giveaway (the winner will be announced at the end of this posting!!!) to one lucky participant and this year is my 3rd year ever doing one. I used to work primarily in data analytics, so doing these Reader Surveys are a bit of a fun passion project for me. And, at the same time, I LOVE getting inspiration from *none other than* y’all – my readers – on content to share moving forward.

To be frankly honest, this 2023 year, I have been prioritizing taking rest and time for myself. And, with doing so, I am writing a bit less here on the blog and sharing bigger postings that are more meaningful to me in terms of memories to look back on in the future, such as my monthly DC Dining posts where I write a round-up of different restaurants that I dine at in the Washington, DC area each month (read my most recent DC Dining’s blog postings here and here). And, in the midst of ALL my time resting and being busy busy busy, I simply missed getting to write and share my 2023 Reader Survey results from the survey I shared with y’all earlier this year. I will say that this year’s Reader Survey had the highest volume of responses that I have EVER received in the past and that is all thanks to YOU. THANK YOU <3

Survey Results

Before digging into my survey results, it’s important to note that this survey includes my followers on social media, readers of the blog, and those who may do both. This survey was also voluntary and all responses are anonymous upon submission and will remain anonymous.


The majority of my readers are within the 25-34% age range (64.7%) and 35-44 (17.8%) and 18-24 (14.5%) follows as the second and third largest age range populations. Most of my readers are women (approximately 85%). The majority of my readers live in the East Coast or Southern regions of the United States, with Florida, Virginia, and North Carolina as the most popular states. The Midwest and California (a surprise to me!!) is another popular area in which my readers live, as well. More specifically speaking, the Washington, DC, New York City, and Raleigh-Durham metro areas are the most popular cities in which my readers and followers and viewers on social media reside. On the other hand, not many of my readers live outside of the United States.

As for who YOU love to read and follow on social media, y’all’s favorite bloggers and influencers are a variety of different people. I was super super super pleased to see some of my favorite accounts pop up, such as: my fellow Virginia residing friends and influencers Kystle of @thevirginiahypegirl and Annaliese of @miss_alk on Instagram and my favorite influencers Courtney of @abyersguide on Instagram, Angela of The Thrifty Pineapple (now @angelamdarnell on Instagram), and Amy of @amylittleson on Instagram. One of the few accounts that came up that I had not heard of except for in passing was Artistic Director Clare Waight Keller (@clarewaightkeller) on Instagram. I *had* to follow her and am obsessed with her feed (!!!) so thanks y’all!! At the same time, many of y’all don’t have a favorite or favorites influencers/bloggers and that is OKAY.

Where Y’all Follow Along & Favorite Content:

I was surprised to see that Facebook was slightly the most popular site for my fellow readers to follow along! Instagram and simple visits and even a subscription to get updates on ALL my blog posts via my website were the second-most popular ways for y’all to follow along. Over 97% of y’all have read a blog post as well. I also noticed that a smaller yet mighty percent of my readers follow me on both Shop LTK and Pinterest. And, as for content, y’all LOVE Instagram Reels and Facebook posts, hence, y’all’s love for Facebook which I LOVE, too. Y’all also *of course* love static Instagram posts (meaning NO reels/video content in a posting) along with Instagram/Facebook stories. At the same time, I was ecstatic to see someone post that they LOVE seeing posts of my Papa and dog Rosie – SO SO SO sweet!

As for content, y’all love seeing things pertaining to fashion (specifically preppy fashion and secondhand/thrifted fashion), travel, the authentic life of Katie (including the good and the bad and more specifically with a focus on mental health), home decor, and Washington, DC area life and things to do. Y’all’s favorite topic to read up on is travel along with adventures in the Washington, DC area and more specifically on starting out in a brand-new city. At the same time, y’all LOVE reading and seeing photos pertaining to preppy fashion and learning more about different small businesses. The second-most popular topic areas were: secondhand fashion/thrifting, Dog Mom adventures with my dog Rosie, my daily outfits of the day, and home decor. Needless to say, I LOVE that y’all love reading what I have strived to show and coincidentally LOVE sharing the most.

Overall, y’all aka my fellow readers seem to LOVE following along on my social media, whether it be Facebook or Instagram. I LOVE that y’all find my content authentic and fun and just love watching me simply be me.

And, as always, I LOVE hearing what YOU have to say as y’all are THE BEST:

  • Thanks for being you!
  • I admire all you do on your blog and you are the best sister ever! Keep being you my friend and never change! <3
  • Thank you for sharing your personality and style! & taking readers along for the journey

2023 Blogger Goals

  • Continue exploring the Washington, DC area more and share local favorites. I feel so so so beyond lucky to live in an incredible city with SO MUCH to do both inside and outside of the city. The Washington, DC area has A LOT of great things to do and I LOVE taking advantage of it all. I have been following and continue to follow a lot of other fellow Washington, DC area and Virginia bloggers who provide me with so much inspiration for places to go, content, and things to do. SO, as always, I plan to continue to share more Washington, DC area content!
  • Share more authentic content. Whether it be content pertaining to self growth, self empowerment, mental health, career, or all of the above, authenticity is key in my eyes. I find it SO important to be authentic, especially as an influencer. While it can be a challenge at times, I love seeing that my content resonates with others aka YOU and I want to continue to do just that.
  • More fashion. I want to share more preppy fashion finds, whether it be in my stories via an outfit of the day (OOTD), while on an adventure, or just a simple Instagram post. I always get excited before any day to put on a cute outfit, whether it be to lounge or work from home or to go into Washington, DC for the day for a brunch or dinner. I intend to continue to do just that!

Thank you all for all of your love and support here on my platform. Your support means THE WORLD to me. And, as promised, the lucky 2023 Reader Survey participant and winner of the $25 Target gift card is ….. Amber Dengler!!!

XOXO – Katie <3

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