My Favorite Outfits Circa 2015-2017

I am someone that refuses to live with any regrets. I am a firm believer that everything was meant to happen the way that it is supposed to AND that whatever happens happens and shapes us into who we are today and to become. Moreover, on the other hand, one of my BIGGEST exceptions is the sole fact that I sometimes really wish that I started my blogging platform sooner. On my Instagram (follow me @_thepinkchickadee), I recently shared on my stories that I am SO excited that the circa 2012 fashion trends of peplum and statement necklaces are hitting city streets ALL across the country. My Lilly lover bestie Lorena and I were having *flashbacks* to walking through the aisles of Charming Charlie with ALL of the statement necklaces in color coordinated sections throughout the storefront. Needless to say, my nostalgia for fashion during my high school era (which were when some of my favorite fashion trends were around!!) aka 2015-2017 had me digging through some of my old photos and, hence, this blog post!

I will say, *just* like most people I know, I felt so so so much #cringeworthy feels over many of the photos that I saw via my high school years albums on Facebook. Otherwise, I feel super happy that I have some super adorable photos of some of my favorite outfits (that aren’t uber-blurry either!) from my 2015-2017 years. In high school, I LITERALLY took photos of all of my outfits that I wore, whether it be to school, church (yep – I was a big church-goer during that timeframe), travel, or outings with friends/family. I was VERY fortunate to spend many of my high school weekends shopping with friends and family via their support for my passion for fashion. One of my favorite shopping memories was going to the opening of the Topshop store at a local mall in my area and polling peers on two different white dresses I tried on (one of which I wore to be crowned Homecoming Queen in 2016!!!!) and seeing people’s interactions – I guess my blogger instincts were born in that moment 5 years before. Many of my community members during that era loved my style in high school and I am so so so glad I always remained true to myself style-wise.

A few things that still remain true to what I LOVED style-wise then and still do now:

  • Quilted vests
  • Statement necklaces
  • Jack Rogers sandals
  • Vera Bradley umbrellas
  • Hunter rain boots
  • Lilly Pulitzer
  • Peplum
  • Fur vests
  • LL Bean boots
  • Kate Spade handbags
My late grandmother sewn the patchwork fabric pants and I still have them to this very day!!
I LOVE how I paired this pom pom scarf – nothing more said here!
Honestly, my favorite part of this outfit is the Vera Bradley umbrella and my pink flamingo scarf. Not to mention, the gorgeous Prague riverfront and bridges for the backdrop.
I LOVE the Vineyard Vines-Jack Rogers-Kate Spade moment here (!!!).
This cupcake Kate Spade tote is a favorite of mine!!
My late Grandma sewn this dress, too, and I LOVE how I paired it with this blue necklace and tied a chambray button down! PERFECT for a day at The Breakers – Newport, Rhode Island.
I LOVE the purple and magenta color combination here. Nothing more to say!!
I used to LOVE this dress!! I got it at a Buffalo Exchange in New York City my Sophomore year and LOVE the pairings with the boots and my then-favorite L’Oreal lipstick (which I still have to this day!!).
I STILL have this Kate Spade clutch (it also has my monogram!!) – maybe I should get it out soon 🙂
I like to think of this maroon polka-dotted dress I got on one of my weekend shopping sprees as my “Meredith College” dress and wore it to my high school grad party, too. I LOVE this maroon and pink combination.
I remember doing a poll on my personal Instagram circa 2015 (with THE MOST cringe selfies!!) at the newest Topshop store in my area with this dress and another. I still have them both and glad I do, as this dress has a very special place in my heart (and, yes, I was Homecoming Queen and was crowned on a VERY rainy Friday night!!!).
This dress SCREAMS 2015. Nothing more to say!!
One of my FAVORITE scarves *even to this very day* is that J Crew plaid wool scarf with pom poms. The beanie I still have and got on a trip to Poland when I was 15 as it was FREEZING there.
I LOVE the wool/chiffon combination here – may need to try something similar again!!
Alas, the L’Oreal lippie makes *yet another* appearance. My skirt is a favorite of mine and I got several compliments on it when I wore it again during a big college event. Great memories!
This reversible scarf is SO SO fun! I am a HUGE fan of monogrammed bags to this very day, too!
& the J Crew pom pom scarf makes *another* appearance on a trip to Chicago.
This outfit is a little plain for me still to this very day – LOL! However, I LOVE the crystal necklace and pop of color via my Longchamp Le Pilage (which I still have!) with the navy-black combination.
Somehow, I can still manage to fit in this gorgeous Lilly Pulitzer dress!! One of my favorite trips in high school was to Vero Beach, Florida – somehow I was tan that week which is RARE for me. Aren’t the flip-flops SO fun?! I wish I still had them 🙂

One thing that reigns true to this *very* day is that I am grateful for dressing according to my heart’s very own desires. Throughout ALLL the fashion trends that come and go, one thing that remains the same is one’s own personal style and sparkle within their own wardrobe.

XOXO – Katie <3

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