The 2010’s Are Coming Back?!?!

On my Instagram (follow me @_thepinkchickadee) feed, I saw someone post *in horror* about the return of peplum and statement necklaces aka Charming Charlie galore (!!!) one evening night in downtown Washington, DC. If you aren’t aware of the 2010’s fashion trends, then you would just now be learning that peplum and statement necklaces were popular fashion trends 10 years ago. Similar to peplum and statement necklaces, you may just recall the 2010’s ALSO being filled with a sea of plaid blanket scarves, tall boots, and feather extensions. The 2010’s were a time where the mainstream fashion was exciting (at least to me!), yet has left many others in fear due to seeing the fashions they once resented as mainstream making a comeback. Personally, I am extremely excited that the 2010’s are coming back. As I learn and grow both personally and professionally, I have done a ton of reflection of my middle and high school years (where I spent most of the 2010’s!) and grown from them while enjoying the parts that I loved and missed.

I regularly see influencers on both YouTube shorts and Instagram sharing ALLL the nostalgia from the 2010’s fashion and have since around Spring of this year. Into Summer 2023, I started to really miss when fashion and social media content in general used to be more on a casual note of simply sharing your outfit, vacation, or pet without much expectations tied to them. Simply speaking, the 2010’s and also the early days of Instagram allowed for true simplicity that I miss to this day with the pressure that comes from video content generated from Instagram Reels, Facebook Shorts, TikToks, YouTube Shorts, and even videos on Pinterest. Personally, I have chosen to focus more on photo-based content on my social media channels, however, I DO NOT discount the power and momentum that a video content can provide to others in this day and age. And, I think from that nostalgia that came from seeing the fashions of the 2010’s back on my social media feed again made me really want to dig through my closet ALL OVER AGAIN and relive the fashion era that I LOVED while in middle and high school (which I share my favorite flashback looks here).

I definitely think that nostalgic 2010’s fashion content on social media is a BIG component as to why the 2010’s are coming back into style. For my friends who regularly went clubbing in the early 2010’s (I definitely did in the late 2010’s), I LOVE hearing about the fun peplum pieces and statement necklaces that they excitedly wore during their outings and their excitement to have both staples come back into style nowadays. It truly brings me joy. One day at the North Carolina State Fair back in my college years of ALLLL places LOL, someone once told me “once a trend comes into style, it will likely come back into style again”. And, the 2010’s ring true to that statement, YET I did not think that the staples that I loved back then would be implemented into my mainstream fashion world again so so so soon.

My closet is filled with many many many staples throughout the years. Many of those styles were fashion staples within the mainstream fashion world during the 2010’s or remain classics to this very day. My closet brings me SO MUCH JOY and is growing and busting at the seams by the minute (which makes me LOVE IT even more!). I am so glad that I have saved so many pieces that have and still bring me happiness. My closet truly is my happy place and the 2010’s styles are a big component of styles that bring me joy. I have noticed that the thrift stores that I shop at have so many gorgeous pieces from the 2010’s (which makes my circa 2016 heart gleam!!!!) and I *of course* have snagged more than a few pieces to style myself, too. But, at the same time, I find clothing from all eras and styles at the thrift store, which makes it a sustainable, accessible, affordable, and unique place for everyone to shop at.

Personally, I think that anything truly goes in the 2020’s aka this era of fashion that we’re in. We have witnessed SOOOO many different unique styles within fashion over all of the 1900’s until today. WHY NOT embrace what we love the most?!

XOXO – Katie <3

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