The Old Lucketts Store Holiday House 2023

If you know me, then you know that I LOVE a holiday market! On my Instagram (follow me @_thepinkchickadee), I have not feared sharing Christmas content before Thanksgiving. Christmas time brings me SO MUCH JOY, so why not?! Anyhow, I went to the Old Lucketts Store Holiday House last year for the first time ever and LOVED it. And, when I had the day before Veterans Day off at work, I decided to take a solo day to clear my head and check out the Old Lucketts Store Holiday House for my 2nd year on *none other than* opening weekend.

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While I will not get into details in this post about the Old Lucketts Store Holiday House (you can read ALLL about it here though!), I did learn a few brand-new facts about it this year! Every year, the Holiday House gets a completely new interior look. I learned that the store owner goes to Atlanta, Georgia’s markets to shop for all-things Holiday House merchandise the week AFTER Christmas. This year, the owner hand-painted some of the wallpaper on the 2nd floor (I forget exactly which wallpaper, though!). Her works have also been featured in several magazines over the years, too. Another important note for 2023 is that the Holiday House IS via ticketed entry ONLY. Tickets this year are $25 excluding taxes and fees. However, I find the ticket price to be SUPER worth it, given the value of literally walking through a Hallmark Christmas movie and Pinterest board and shopping with complimentary bubbly, too!

Now, I will get into the meat of this post by sharing …. Pictures! Let’s take a virtual tour together!

My Favorite Room in the house (!!!!)

After shopping around the Holiday House, I shopped at the Old Lucketts Store, which is open year-round!

& last but not least, the Holiday House’s outdoor decor!

Happy Holiday season, everyone!

XOXO – Katie <3

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