Tips for Laundering Lilly Pulitzer

If you know me, then you know that Lilly Pulitzer is my favorite fashion brand! With its bright colors and prints coming in delicate fabrics, it may come as a challenge to launder your Lilly Pulitzer garments. As someone who values convenience over time most of the time, I am going to share some tips for taking your Lilly Pulitzer finds to the local laundromat or laundering it yourself (which can even be a bonus when you are on the road!!!).

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Wherever you may be, locally-owned Laurdromats are probably near by. The majority of them are corn-operated, as seen in the movie’s. One of my latest and favorite laundromats is The Clothes Spin. The Clothes Spin is a laundromat that is based in Lynchburg, Virginia. Unlike the majority of laundromats, The Clothes Spin has 24/7 access for all of their customers. That being said, you can easily come in and launder your garments when it best fits for your schedule. The best part of it all?! This 24/7 laundromat located in Madison Heights allows you to pay for you to wash your clothing through an app rather than with change! I most definitely do not carry huge chunks of change in my pocket anymore, and I know many others who do not either.


Whether or not you choose to go to a laundromat or launder your Lilly Pulitzer garments at home, there are quite a few do’s and don’t’s that will make it so much more helpful for you to take care of your garments to the best that you can. I have washed my Lilly Pulitzer and do pretty frequently. Knock on wood, I have not had that many issues with washing them, as I strictly follow these do’s and don’t’s as well as the tips that I also list below, too.


  • Wash in cold water, in order to prevent shrinking and color run
  • Wash your white’s and colored clothing separately, in order to prevent color bleeding on your white garments (no one wants a white shirt to unintentionally become pink!)
  • Wash garments with embroidery inside out. Embroidery may include pom poms, sequins, or delicate buttons.
  • Hang or lay your Lilly Pulitzer to dry, rather than drying it! This will prevent your garments from shrinking. If the garment is 100% cotton, then most definitely be sure to lay or hang it to dry as it will shrink a size if put in the dryer!
  • Wash garments inside out, in order to prevent pilling


  • Wash light-colored garments and dark-colored garments together. Darker colored clothing items can rinse into lighter colored clothing items, which can most definitely change their colors. Typically, I wash my whites separately from all of the other colored garments and have not had many issues.
  • Put 100% cotton, cashmere, sweaters, or other vulnerable garments into the dryer – they will shrink a size! It’s best to lie them flat to dry.
  • Hang popovers or Finn tees to dry. The shoulders will be stretched out. Rather, lay them flat to dry.

Detergent & Bleach

I am a loyal Tide user. Ever since I went off to college, I have used Tide detergent in the scent April Spring. To go with it, I use Febreeze Fabric Softener in the same exact scent. However, recently, I have used Kirkland’s detergents and fabric softeners from Costco that actually come in a similar scent. Personally, I am someone who is extremely particular about the way my clothing and things smell, so it works well for me. As for bleach, I find OxiClean to be one of the best out there! Not only does it do the job, but it does the job well! Luckily, the detergent, fabric softener, and bleach products that I use can easily be found at a local grocery store, Target, Walmart, or even Costco.

Along with OxiClean, my favorite alternative for stains is as simple as that: water and soap. All I simply do is have sink running, add an soap to the stain and massage the stain with my fingers. The soap that I use is simply the hand soap right beside my sink, but any soap even body wash will do. Y’all it works EVERY TIME!! This trick also works really well with period stains. It can also be done everywhere, as all you need is a sink and some soap!

Regular Wash VS Delicate Wash

When washing Lilly Pulitzer garments, it varies per item which type of wash that you would want to do on your washing machine. For most garments, I use regular, however, for some I use the delicate wash. I have listed down below what type of wash I use for which Lilly Pulitzer styles that I own!

Regular Wash

  • Sophie shift
  • Mila shift
  • All Luxletic products
  • Delia shift
  • Ophelia shift
  • Kelly pants
  • Adalee shift
  • Skirts/skorts
  • Popovers
  • Cotton tops (including cotton Elsa’s, Essie’s, and Etta’s)

Delicate Wash

  • Elsa Tops (especially those coming in silk fabrics)
  • Anything with embroidery (i.e. pom poms, sequins, delicate buttons)
  • Anything that is cashmere
  • Scarfs or wraps

However you choose to launder your Lilly Pulitzer garments, the consistency that you choose to wash them is key. Over the years, I have remained consistent in my techniques for washing my Lilly, and it has worked. That being said, whatever works for you is what you should do!

XOXO – Katie <3

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