A Summer in Lilly Pulitzer Workwear Look

If you’re a big Lilly Pulitzer fan (like myself!!), then you probably know that Lilly Pulitzer has its own unique #SummerInLilly across its social media channels. Many Lilly Pulitzer lovers – like myself! (follow me @_thepinkchickadee on Instagram) – love to show off their #SummerInLilly ALL across social media. Lilly Pulitzer is typically seen as a resort luxury fashion brand. I mean, the fashion house was founded in Palm Beach, Florida! BUT, there is so much more that Lilly Pulitzer can be styled for besides a nice outfit for vacation or a night out in the summer. Here, I am going to be sharing a summer in Lilly Pulitzer workwear look!

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SO, you may be thinking: Lilly Pulitzer AND work do not seem like a worthy combination. BUT, IT IS! Flash back to when I was in college and I was known as “the Lilly [Pulitzer] girl” amongst my classmates and across my college campus. At the same time, many of us were talking about internships and professional events that we went to. I LOVED and still love Lilly Pulitzer and wanted to incorporate it into my everyday wardrobe, including *yes* my workwear wardrobe when I was working 9 to 5 like I do now. Many of my friends would disagree with me on the idea that Lilly Pulitzer can be worn for work and tried to sway me to look elsewhere and to other brands for workwear. While that can be true in some regards for workwear and specific work events and meetings and days, it isn’t the case all the time, especially for my work from home life and the casual more so open-ended dress code that my company has for when we do go in person. However, in my college years, I was fearful that I would have to let go of my love for Lilly Pulitzer in the work space.

Although I was nervous that I would have to dress in any brand BUT Lilly Pulitzer for work, that was ONLY just a fear of mine. It happened to be that many Lilly Pulitzer pieces can be worn in the workplace if styled accordingly. One of my favorite fellow influencers and friends of mine on Instagram for styling Lilly Pulitzer and well in general is Julie of @julies_colorful_life on the gram (definitely go check her out!!). Julie is the QUEEN of styling bright, colorful, and preppy work looks on Instagram, many of which include none other than Lilly Pulitzer. Many of Julie’s work looks with Lilly Pulitzer involve gorgeous cardigans, jackets, Sarah Flint shoes, and classic totes from brands like Louis Vuitton and Longchamp. Julie ALWAYS looks so adorable in her work looks and has inspired me and made me realize that I could do just the same for my work wardrobe, too. The office does not have to be a neutral-only place, like many think!

Funny story: so, I went to a work event back in early April and I was 1/2 folks dressed in bright color out of the ENTIRE conference room. The other one was my fellow work friend Katherine and we were SO proud of our fun, colorful looks and we OWNED it! One of my fellow coworkers who had just met me immediately was obsessed with my look and exclaimed “you look like Elle Woods!!” aka the BEST compliment yet and she was given immediate bestie status – LOL! The bottom line of this story is to BE YOU and wear what YOU WANT – though, within reason – for the office. Usually, most will be happy you did and you will be too!

So, for my outfit, I stuck to some pieces that I either thrifted or purchased during the Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Sale back in September 2021 aka my Lilly Pulitzer pineapple midi dress. As for the headband aka the exception to where all pieces were purchased along with my tote, I got it from Spartina 449 via a FabFitFun Edit Sale. My tote was customized via my alma mater Meredith College’s Alumnae Marketplace – the Meredith Market – around Christmas time. It is LL Bean! Meanwhile, my thrifted finds include my hot pink Tommy Hilfiger cardigan and my Valentino rock stud flats dupes from the Mix No5 brand sold at DSW currently. I got the flats for a whopping $1 at Philly Aids Thrift – which donates all proceeds to LGBTQ+ nonprofits – in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania while with my best friend Violet last September. The pearl necklace was given to me by my Mom.

So, remember that YOU can wear Lilly Pulitzer for workwear!

XOXO – Katie <3

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