A North Carolina Vineyard and Llama Farm

What’s better than wine?! Wine AND llama’s!!! My good friend Caroline wanted to go to a vineyard to celebrate her 22nd Birthday, so when I found out about Divine Llama Vineyards located in East Bend, North Carolina, neither of us could pass up the opportunity to go. Our friend Cassie lives a lot closer to Divine Llama Vineyards than Caroline and I do as students in Raleigh, so it was a great place to truly meet up. The wine and llamas along with the breathtaking views of its location in the stunning Yadkin Valley made for an amazing experience.

Fall Foliage

On the way there, Caroline and I could not believe how stunning the views of the Fall foliage were! Unfortunately, the leaves have not changed that much on the trees in Raleigh as compared to its Western, North Carolina counterparts. As someone who lives in Northern Virginia, the leaves are in a Fall Foliage around this time of year and stay that way into November, so this was super nice and refreshing to see again. I missed it!!! When we got to the vineyard, the Fall leaves were in their glory this weekend as we could see them all across the vineyard and while looking at the mountainous views from afar. In fact, while I was texting a friend, she said that this weekend that we went to the vineyard was the peak of the Fall foliage. No wonder the leaves looked absolutely breathtaking!

The Wine

Upon arrival, we made our way to order some flights. If you do not know what a flight is, it is a tray with tiny samples of wine. We each got four wine samples in each flight, where I chose all of the sweet flavors. Although I have a savory tooth for food, I have a much greater sweet tooth when it comes to my wine! The flight was definitely enough wine for each of us to enjoy, and it didn’t break the bank for our college girl budgets ($10 each!). However, if I was willing to and had not bought another bottle the previous day, I definitely would have purchased a bottle of wine to take home. Personally, I thought that because I was going to a vineyard that attracts people for its llamas that the wine would not nearly be as good as anywhere else, but I was clearly mistaken!!!

The Best Part: The Llama’s

As you would have guessed, the llama’s are what attract several tourists to Divine Llama Vineyards. Once we had our wine, we had headed off to see the llama’s. The llama’s were kept down a hilly path away from where people purchase their wine. However, you can take your wine with you and sip it as you admire the llama’s. Along the way, we saw rows and rows of grapevines and took in the amazing views of the Yadkin Valley. Then, BOOM, llama’s EVERYWHERE you turn!!! The llama’s were definitely managing their own business for the most part or wanting food, but I really enjoyed getting photos with my friends and these gorgeous creatures.

Even though I was expecting suburb llama’s and not the best wine, I was truly in for a splendid surprise when the wine and llama’s were both extremely impressive!!! The experience at Divine Llama Vineyards was one for the books – it was super fun to interact with the llama’s, other visitors (social distanced of course), and enjoy their wine. Not to mention, the prices are hard to beat here, as you only have to pay for the wine and merchandise, which means you can enjoy the llama’s and only the llama’s for FREE if you so choose to. Divine Llama Vineyards is also owned by two families that are friends with one another, which makes it a sweet small business – something that we should all be support now more than ever before. I would definitely come back here with friends, family, or even on a date! The best part?! I got to celebrate an amazing friend like Caroline!!!

XOXO – Katie <3

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