VIVAIA Flats Review – Stylish & Ethical

Since starting to work full time, I have started choosing flats over sandals in my day to day life. Luckily for my newly flat-loving self, VIVAIA reached out to me to collaborate earlier this year to show off their super stylish AND ethical flats. If you follow me on Instagram (follow me @_thepinkchickadee), then you probably *just probably* have seen me style a pair of my VIVAIA flats in one (or many!) of my posts. VIVAIA’s flats are super stylish, ethically-made, and made to suit your most likely busy lifestyle, too. Today, I am going to share ALL my thoughts on VIVAIA’s flats in this review & if you’re interested in purchasing a pair of flats (or another pair of shoes from VIVAIA), then yes my code pink18 for 18% off your purchase.

***Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.***

*Disclaimer: Please note that this post contains affiliate links, which means that if you purchase through one of my links, then I will receive a small commission. This commission is at no extra cost to you. Additionally, this post is not sponsored, and all opinions are my own.*

So, you may be wondering: what exactly is VIVAIA? Well, VIVAIA was founded on a mission to create sustainable footwear that was also stylish. VIVAIA’s striving to create gorgeous footwear for YOU, while also allowing YOU to make a positive impact to those around us and the world. To me, VIVAIA’s flats feel like luxury at a fraction of the cost (think Chanel, Salvatore Ferragamo, and even Tory Burch) with the SAME quality while making a major difference in our world today. All of their shoes are sustainably made and machine-washable – to me that is a win-win!

VIVAIA flats have several features that make them unique and that I have seen embodied when wearing them on a regular basis. Some of these features I have listed below:

  • Machine-washable
  • The mid-sole feels JUST as if you were on a yoga mat
  • Half-sizes are sold *and we rejoice!!!*
  • Rebound insole
  • The heel padding is made out of memory foam *yes – memory foam to bring you back to that $8,000 mattress of your dreams*
  • Sustainably made

Each of the features that I have mentioned above about VIVAIA’s flats I have seen embodied in the two pairs that I own every single time I put them on. The reason I wear them SO SO MUCH is because I feel like a million bucks when I put them on. I an indeed brought back to the days of wearing fuzzy socks while also wearing my UGG rip off boots in the 5th grade and feeling as if I just rolled out of bed and yet still want to be comfortable. I have worn my VIVAIA flats to work and into the office (which is a 35-45 minute drive for me each way) and felt no ounce of soreness within either of my feet throughout the day. I also wore my VIVAIA flats to go car shopping a few weeks ago, where I was waiting to purchase my car for a few hours, due to a delay with another customer and felt no ounce of soreness in my feet then, too. In the past, I have felt super sore within my feet from other shoes that I wear when traveling or on my feet for extended periods of time. However, VIVAIA flats allow me to stay on my toes for those extended periods of time without feeling like I need a foot rest pronto.

One of my other favorite parts of VIVAIA flats is that they are sustainably made and machine washable. I have to say, I wear my VIVAIA flats practically everywhere now, so they get a bit dirty from time to time. Given that they’re made out of cloth-like knitted materials, they will unfortunately get dirty from time to time. BUT, never fear as VIVAIA flats are perfectly suited for the washing machine and look good as new just after one wash. On the same token, I LOVE knowing that I am making a difference whenever I wear one of my pairs of VIVAIA flats when I personally feel like a million bucks. It’s pretty rewarding to know that the brand VIVAIA as a whole has a mission to change the world one pair of shoes at a time. To me, that’s pretty empowering.

You know what they say: empowered women empower women. I can say just the same for a pair of shoes empowering the world when it comes to VIVAIA’s shoes, too. I have most definitely fallen in love with VIVAIA as a brand along with *of course* their flats. In the future, I hope to buy more shoes from VIVAIA, too.

As always, I have linked my own VIVAIA flats down below for your own shopping convenience. If you choose to purchase a pair of VIVAIA flats for yourself, then feel free to use my code pink18 for 18% off your purchase.

XOXO – Katie <3

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