A Shapermint Crew Feature!

I have been lucky enough to work with one of my favorite body confidence brands: Shapermint!! On my Instagram (follow me @_thepinkchickadee!), I am regularly sharing my top Shapermint picks over time. In case you didn’t know, Shapermint is *none other than* a shape wear brand that promotes body positivity for women of ALL shapes and sizes. So, when Shapermint reached out to me about being featured on their site, I couldn’t let this excellent opportunity go to waste!

Read my article here: https://shapermint.com/blogs/news/shapermintcrewlove-series-interview-38

Shapermint’s mission is ALL about empowering others of ALL shapes and sizes, as the intimates brand sells shape wear in sizes XS-4XL. When I was in middle school back in 2011, I remember reading Seventeen magazine and watching women of all ages and sizes, including celebrities and then-First Lady Michelle Obama speak on accepting their body and learning to love it. The magazine’s features on learning to love all of you was such a beautiful start of a body positivity revolution that has grown since my middle school days. Shapermint is literally a brand taking off on Seventeen magazine’s mission back in 2011 and even before then. Let’s be REAL here: girls are mean. And, we are usually are own biggest critics. SO, that all being said, having an extraordinary brand such as Shapermint featuring women of all shapes and sizes learning to love themselves is such a great thing that I hope continues to expand throughout our world moving forward.

Coincidentally speaking, Shapermint emailed me that my feature on their site the day after International Women’s Day aka March 8. I spent my 2023 aka this year’s International Women’s Day at my company’s headquarters helping put together and panel and reception event to honor this amazing day. It was an incredible event, and I am so proud of each of my colleagues and myself for all our hard work that was put into making this event happen. The theme this year for International Women’s Day is Embrace Equity – meaning how can we make sure that everyone has equitable access to succeed? Everyone’s needs are different in the workforce and so is everyone’s body in what they choose to wear and how they wear things. Shapermint is definitely transforming the world of fashion for ALL beautiful bodies and sizes.

I am SO honored to always speak on body confidence and positivity, especially with the iconic Shapermint brand. I have collaborated with several fashion brands since starting my blog in January 2020, but Shapermint has been one of the most special brands and one of my favorites to work with. It is such a compliment to see my hard work come to light and to be noticed by others. And, sometimes, we do not even know who is noticing us. Case in point: one of my fellow blogger friends got some GREAT exposure for her secondhand content. Little did she know, her page had been featured and recognized as a top secondhand content creator in her own city by a popular secondhand account. You NEVER know who is seeing your hard work, whether it be at work, creating content, or in your personal life. Just keep going!!

Read my article here: https://shapermint.com/blogs/news/shapermintcrewlove-series-interview-38

A special thanks to Lina and the rest of the Shapermint Crew for featuring me on your site via this incredible opportunity. Keep empowering others!!

XOXO – Katie <3

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