How I Save on Coffee Table Books!

A quick search on Amazon will show that most coffee table books cost around $20 upwards of $100 or even more. While pretty and excellent for decoration, coffee table books come at a hefty price tag. On my Instagram (follow me @_thepinkchickadee!), I recently shared photos of my coffee table, which includes several gorgeous books. The best part?! It did not cost me even a mere $50 to top off my coffee table!

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Back in October, I purchased a few new furniture items, including my gorgeous gold and clear glass coffee table. As a recent college graduate, it is hard to buy new furniture when initially starting out. SO, it was finally about time that I get a new and gorgeous coffee table which I can have for years to come. I knew that when I purchased my coffee table that I wanted to add some beautiful coffee table books to deck it out. Pinterest has inspired me to deck it out gorgeously, too!! Shop my coffee table here:

Thrift stores – This is the NUMBER 1 place that I have looked for coffee table books! While it is hit or miss as to what you will find on any given day (I like to see it as a treasure hunt!!), the prices of any given book at a thrift store can be as cheap as a couple of coins. There are so many unique finds and gems, too. In addition to a few books, I also got a gorgeous straw weave lidded basket and a rattan tray (both for under $5 each!) to add some more gorgeous decorations to my coffee table. My biggest piece of advice with thrifting is to be as open as possible when going, as you NEVER KNOW what you will find.

Use old books and magazines – We ALL probably have a few books or magazines that we saved from year’s past. Whether it be in storage, a childhood bedroom, or just sitting on a book shelf, some of those old books and magazines can look gorgeous on a coffee table whatever the vibe of it may be that you’re going for. Case in point: I had an old book on late fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld that is currently on my coffee table, the same goes for an old copy of Vogue magazine. Additionally, I used a scrapbook of mine from Kate Spade that looks like a book to top my coffee table off, too!

Travel souvenirs – Surprisingly so, I had found that little books on big places that I have visited come at a rather tiny price tag and bring special memories to any coffee table. I have a magazine which I purchased for 1 Euro at the Gucci Garden in Florence sitting on mine. The same exact stack as the Gucci Garden magazine also contains a program from when I saw Wicked at London’s West End. I also have a mini book from my trip Paris sitting on my rattan shelf in my living area. Needless to say, books, programs, and magazines from our travels can bring SO MUCH memories and an even more special meaning to a coffee table at no cost to you.

The Dollar Tree – Surprisingly so, I have seen some pretty great books for only $1.25 at *none other than* The Dollar Tree! The books that The Dollar Tree sells, just like the thrift store are hit or miss, but it’s the luck of the draw. I have found SO MANY cute books at The Dollar Tree and ALWAYS strive to check out the book section when I go. One of my coffee table books on New York Fashion Week is from there! While some books may not be super well-known or mainstream, they can also be super cute and make for a great coffee table addition (or two!).

Browse sites like Target, Amazon, and Walmart or go to Home Goods for deals! – Although Amazon and Target and Walmart carry coffee table books at a rather hefty cost when you add it all up, they can sometimes mark down some adorable books! I usually recommend that purchases be made on these sites ONLY when looking for specific books or when seeing a cute book of interest at a great price. One day, I looked up Reese Witherspoon’s Whiskey in a Teacup *ONLY* to find it on clearance on Target’s website. I’ve also found some super cute Kate Spade books at Home Goods, too, and *just maybe* added one to my coffee table!

I’ve linked some of my coffee table items (that I could find!) below to both give you some inspiration to thrift/search your stash of old books, magazines, and souvenirs and for your shopping pleasure!

XOXO – Katie <3

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