Washington, DC Spots: Artechouse

One of my biggest passions is finding applications of STEM concepts in the real world. When my influencer bestie Lindsay of @sunshineandstairclimbs on Instagram came to visit me in Washington, DC and really wanted to go check out Artechouse, I knew we had to go. Before Lindsay’s visit, Artechouse had been on my Washington, DC area bucket list for a while. And, to my surprise, Artechouse is an intersection of art and technological concepts such as artificial intelligence (AI) and sensors. Needless to say, one of my biggest passions in finding STEM applications in the real world was met while experiencing this super neat masterpiece!

About Artechouse: Artechouse was founded in 2015 by its founders Sandro and Tati in the hopes of “redefining the way art is experienced and creating a supportive ecosystem for the future of art.” They have locations in New York City, Washington, DC, and Miami Beach. The name Artechouse combines the words art + tech + house! Throughout the year, Artechouse has unique exhibits to reflect the current times in its respective cities (such as a Christmas-themed exhibit during the holiday months) and Lindsay and I happened to see the Pixelbloom: Timeless Butterflies exhibit going on there then in honor of the current ongoing National Cherry Blossom Festival. Read more about Artechouse here: https://www.artechouse.com

Getting There: Artechouse Washington, DC is located on 1238 Maryland Avenue SW in Washington, DC. It is an easy walk (5-10 minutes) a few blocks away from the Smithsonian Metro Station located on the Blue, Orange, and Silver lines. Lindsay and I found a group of ladies also going there as we were walking to Artechouse which made it easier to find for my directionally challenged self – LOL!

Admission: When it came to tickets, Lindsay and I got the Date Package as it was $33/person (compared to $25 for general admission) and included admission and a drink voucher at the bar. I’m glad we did the Date Package to save some money and get everything all at once. However, many of the guests at Artechouse just got the General Admission tickets and were good to go even if they wanted to order a drink at the bar, too. It is important to note that upon admission into Artechouse, you have about 90 minutes to enjoy all of the unique features within the gallery!

Artechouse was such a cool experience! A unique part of Artechouse is that the gallery replays the immersive art and technology around every 22 minutes. So, if you miss something the first time, then you can see it and enjoy it again! I will say, though, that in the main gallery Lindsay and I both felt a bit dizzy with the artwork moving around us, which is why many people sit down when enjoying it all. At the same time, Artechouse along with the main gallery and bar has a few additional galleries, including features that have sensors like building a butterfly – HOW COOL! The additional galleries were honestly a highlight for me at Artechouse, as I did get to experience real world applications of artificial intelligence and sensors. In my work professionally and charity with STEM For Her, I get to learn more about real-world applications in STEM and empower others who want to pursue their interests in it. So, Artechouse was definitely a happy haven for me in that way!

Along with enjoying the art and technology immersion in the galleries, Lindsay and I also enjoyed getting some drinks at the bar. Artechouse has unique cocktails on-theme with whatever the current exhibit is. They also have an app where you can add unique filters to your drinks which make is SO immersive and enjoyable (it ALSO brings in the sensors and artificial intelligence concepts, too!). Lindsay and I met a super sweet group of women in STEM who had connections to Indiana too – HOW NEAT! I love how small and special our world is and moments like these make it so much more unique, wherever each of us may be.

Artechouse was such a neat immersive experience. I am SO glad that I finally got to go! I talked with one of my friends Brianna about going back to Artechouse for a Christmas-themed exhibit!!! I cannot wait to go back and see *even more* applications of STEM in the real world.

XOXO – Katie <3

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