A Few Hours in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Personally, I find West Virginia one of the most beautiful states that I have ever laid eyes on! Growing up, I would occasionally go on family reunions to Blackwater Falls State Park, West Virginia – a place rated a hidden gem in the United States on MANY pages listing them! – and fell in love with the state simply on our drives through it. On my Instagram (follow me @_thepinkchickadee!), I recently posted about my day trip to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia with my best friend Bryn. Believe it or not, Harpers Ferry, West Virginia is located just an hour-90 minutes west of Washington, DC, making it an easy day trip from the nation’s capital, and it is a beauty!

When coming into the town, it is easiest to drive and simply park there. Harpers Ferry offers parking along its visitors centers and along the streets of the hilly town. The main attractions to visitors in the town are offered at the bottom of the hill, where the town is located. Bryn and I parked at the middle school for free located about 20-30 minutes from the main tourist attractions. Whatever you choose to do – hiking or not, be sure to wear comfortable shoes and clothing and even bring a water bottle for walking as you WILL be walking quite a bit and getting a workout in.

A bit of background about Harpers Ferry, West Virginia: this town is located at the location wherewith the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers meet, also known as The Point, and provides views of both Maryland and Virginia. Harpers Ferry is located just outside of Loudon County, Virginia – a well-known county that is not far from Washington, DC that is legitimately heaven on Earth with its beauty, too. The town even has a train station, which goes into Washington, DC on the daily for commuters. Harpers Ferry is also located along the Appalachian Trail, offering hikes at all levels for visitors, including to the scenic Jefferson Rock which former President Thomas Jefferson found to have such stunning views of the rivers from. This town’s notability comes from being a key site in the 1859 raid of Abolitionist John Brown and a well-known battle during the Civil War. One of the things that I LOVE about Harpers Ferry is the fact that both hiking and sightseeing is offered. So, you can easily come to Harpers Ferry dressed all cute for photos OR dressed all cute for hiking OR a dressed for a little bit of both!

Harpers Ferry has a plethora of small businesses in the town, both for dining and shopping. At the same time, it offers A LOT of historic charm and scenic views at every turn. Bryn and I simply explored many of the shops in town including a candy shop that had candy from decades including the 1920’s, took in the scenic views, and walked across the footbridge over the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers. Everything both Bryn and I did was for free, too – something EASY to do here in Harpers Ferry.

Honestly, my visit to Harpers Ferry was great. The town’s close proximity to Washington, DC and plethora of scenic views make it an easy not even half day trip from the city and allows me to feel as if I am in heaven on Earth. I loved that it was easy to simply spend $0 while here and to just enjoy the moments, history, and gorgeous views while visiting. This was my second time here in Harpers Ferry, as the first time I went with my Mom during lockdown in 2020 to hike. And, if I were to go back again (which I want to!), I would hike a bit, walk through the town, park MUCH MUCH MUCH closer to the town, and go to a vineyard in nearby Loudon County, Virginia. Either way, there is something for everybody in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia!

XOXO – Katie <3

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