A List of ALL the Things that I was Involved in at Meredith College

As my good friend Hannah and I would say to one another, overcommitment at its finest! If I have not done it, then I don’t know what I didn’t do back in college. I most definitely overcommitted to all of the activities and methods of involvement on my college campus. The ways that I have been a leader and did different activities was most definitely one for the books. Since graduating college this past weekend, it has been nice to be able to reflect on my four years at the amazing Meredith College. Today, I am sharing all of the things that I was involved in on Meredith’s campus.

Freshmen Year

Planning my first-ever Meredith event – a painting party social!
  • Big Sis/Little Sister Co-Chair – in this position, I served with a friend of mine as the co-chair for Meredith’s Big Sister/Little Sister program. The Big Sister/Little Sister program at Meredith pairs every Freshmen (Little Sis) with a Junior (Big Sis) and it is such an exciting an amazing asset of my college. In this role, I coordinated a fundraiser for a Meredith Lux tote bag and a Big/Lil Social painting party called Cupcakes & Canvases with my Big Sis class – the Class of 2019. It was all super fun and such a great way to kick off my Freshmen year!
  • Honors Program Scholar’s Weekend Coordinator – Scholar’s Weekend is hosted every February at Meredith College. It is a weekend for accepted students to interview for academic-specific programs like the Honors Program, Teaching Fellows (for aspiring teachers), Art, Music, Interior Design, etc. I had such an amazing time with my experience at Scholar’s Weekend that I decided to coordinate it myself to help host and welcome the Class of 2022!
  • Fire & Water Committee Class of 2019 Liaison – Fire & Water is the first-ever Freshmen-only Tradition (event) that occurs every Spring. At this event, everyone burns a bad memory and floats a good memory and there is a dinner to commemorate all of us surviving and making it through our Freshmen year of college. I got to attend weekly committee meetings which was super fun and help make decisions for this event with other committee members. My specific role was to coordinate my Big Sis Class of 2019 in coming to “surprise” our class at the end of the event. Serving on this committee was one of my favorite things to do during my Freshmen year, especially getting to help set up and clean up the event with jumping into Meredith’s fountain at the end of it all!
  • Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society member – My Freshmen year I got to join the Alpha Lambda Delta Freshmen year Honor Society.
  • Honors Program Fall Trip Planning Committee Member – The Honors Program which I was apart of all four years at Meredith has a weekend Fall Trip to a Southern East Coast city. My Freshmen year, I got to plan the Honors Fall Trip 2018 to Washington, DC one of my hometowns. The Dean of the Honors Program helped us plan it all and he loved getting to have my expertise on the committee. It was also fun to be able to meet others from all other years at Meredith on that committee!
Pre-Scholar’s Weekend photo to welcome in the Class of 2022!
Cupcakes & Canvases paintings with my Big Sis Stephanie!
The whole Fire & Water committee post-event!
The Big Sis “surprise” was successfully planned! My friend Cassie & I enjoying some flowers from our Big’s to celebrate.
My Big Sis Stephanie and I at Fire & Water!
The best part of Fire & Water – jumping into the fountain with my good friend Lexie!!!
The Washington, DC trip my Sophomore year was successfully planned. Here, my good friend Kaylee and I are on an illuminated monuments tour along the National Mall.

Sophomore Year

The Honor Code Ceremony – a big event to end Freshmen orientation. I got to experience it yet again as a Freshmen Student Adviser.
  • Big Sis/Little Sister Co-Chair – I was happily able to serve as the Big Sister/Little Sister Co-Chair *again* for my Sophomore year of college! While I did not do too much more than my Freshmen year the next year in this role, I got to help coordinate and sell shirts and fundraiser items for my fellow classmates who also served in Class of 2021 officer positions – something that I really loved doing!
  • Honors Program Scholar’s Weekend Coordinator – After successfully coordinating Scholar’s Weekend my Freshmen year, I got the opportunity to coordinate it again, but this time with my two good friends Kaylee and Lexie and this time welcoming in our Little Sis class – the Class of 2023! It was a super special and fun weekend for me, Kaylee, and Lexie.
  • Alpha Lamda Delta Honor Society Induction Ceremony Co-Chair – this role was my first of many serving on an Executive Board for an on-campus organization. I got to plan and serve as the Co-Chair for the Alpha Lambda Delta Induction Ceremony in April 2019. It was super fun and also the first time I ever lit a candle in Meredith’s Chapel (luckily, we all survived LOL!). At the same time, I served as an active member of Alpha Lambda Delta’s Executive Board where I got to contribute to making decisions for the organization and even help with a fundraiser!
  • Honors Program Fall Trip Planning Committee Chief Information Officer – I *yet again* served on the Honors Program, but this time as the Chief Information Officer. My good friend Kaylee served as the Committee Chair, so she nominated me to be the Chief Information Officer which was super fun! The Fall 2019 trip was to Charleston, South Carolina and it was my first-ever time going there so it was a blast and oh so exciting!
  • First Year Experience (FYE) Student Assistant – One of my favorite roles was getting to serve as a student assistant for the First Year Experience (FYE) Freshmen-only class. I assisted this course with two staff members in the Alumnae House and it was such a blast. I began connect with my two instructors (one of which was my host of all things at Scholar’s Weekend and accepted a job at Meredith as an alum). In this course, I got to help Freshmen adjust to on-campus life and tell them ALL about all of the fun things at Meredith and what makes Meredith College Meredith College.
  • Freshmen Student Adviser (SA) – Another one of my favorite roles at Meredith was getting to be a mentor to incoming Freshmen as a Freshmen Student Adviser (SA). An SA is essentially an orientation group leader for a set group of incoming Freshmen who sticks around as a friend and mentor to that same group of students throughout their entire Freshmen year.
Move-in day with all of the other Class of 2021 Freshmen Student Advisers.
Honor Code Ceremony with my advising group!
Scholar’s Weekend 2019 with Kaylee after we successfully coordinated the event!
Another successfully Honors Fall Trip 2019 to Charleston, South Carolina. Here, me and my good friends Kaylee, Hannah, and Miranda and I are on the dinner cruise on the Spirit of Charleston.
Kaylee and I showing off our Meredith Angel pride along the Charleston waterfront!

Junior Year

Freshmen Student Adviser welcome dinner!
  • Honors Program Fall Trip Planning Committee Chair – Even though COVID-19 hit at the end of my Spring 2020 semester, I still got to take charge and chair the planning for the now-cancelled Fall 2020 trip to Asheville, North Carolina. I lead the initiative to postpone the trip to the Spring 2021 semester which was sadly cancelled, too. However, I am still very grateful for the experience that I had and the opportunity to still lead.
  • Class of 2021 Elections Board Representative – I got to serve as a Class Representative for Meredith’s Elections Board, which is in charge of all of the elections for each class each year. My favorite part about this role was getting to watch everyone who ran for a class position during the 2020-2021 academic year’s campaign video to ensure that they met Meredith’s Elections Board standards.
  • Honors Program Scholar’s Day Coordinator – I served for my third and final year as a coordinator for Scholar’s Weekend which switched to a day known as Scholar’s Day in February 2020. This time around, I got to interview four candidates for the Honors Program with my fellow Math professor and Honors Committee member Dr. Andreae. I had a blast and still got to help coordinate, too!
  • Residents Housing Association (RHA) Publicity Chair – One of the highlights of my Junior year at Meredith was getting to run the social media page for the Residents Housing Association (RHA). RHA’s purpose is to connect students and ensure their safety and wellbeing in on-campus life at Meredith. I got to design graphics and flyers and advertise them, too. I also got to serve on RHA’s Executive Board and attend regular meetings to help make decisions for upcoming events, activities, and all around campus life things.
  • Canaday Math & Computer Science Club (CMCS) Events Chair – The Canaday Math & Computer Science Club (CMCS) is the organization that is student-run and connects students within my department and those interested in activities and events run by my department. As the Events Chair, I got to decorate the board for CMCS within my department’s Common Area and connect students in my department through some fun events.
  • First Year Experience (FYE) Student Assistant – This was my second year serving as a student assistant for the First Year Experience Freshmen-only course with the same ladies from the Alumnae House. This time around, my Lil’s Lelia and Addy were in my class which was super fun! I also got to send out weekly email updates and I made a guide to share with my students and others assisting the same course, in order to help Freshmen adapt and adjust to Meredith College and life in Raleigh.
  • Angels for Disability Advocacy (ADA) Vice President – My best friend Laurie is President of Angels for Disability Advocacy (ADA). This amazing organization brings about disability advocacy and awareness across campus and beyond. It was fun to be Laurie’s right hand woman and also interview other fellow officers for roles for the following year.
  • Freshmen Student Adviser (SA) – This was my second year serving as a Freshmen Student Adviser (SA). My Junior year, I got a great group of ladies who were interested in pursuing a STEM degree which was super fun and I had only 5 girls. I loved getting to show them around and have a much smaller group!
Move-in day to welcome in the Class of 2023 with my fellow Freshmen Student Advisers!
Move-in day with my good friend Chandler!
Honor Code ceremony with my advising group.
RHA training during orientation.
Post-Pancakes at 11 (an RHA-hosted event) with my fellow RHA Executive Board members and advisers.
Our final Scholar’s Day event is planned with my good friends Kaylee and Lexie.

Senior Year

Post-Class Day with my good friends Maureen, Miranda, Nat, Allison, Lexie, Sophie, Kaylee, Julia, and Chandler!
  • Class of 2021 Fundraising Chair – One of my favorite parts of this odd Senior year was getting to serve as my class’s Fundraising Chair. I planned fundraisers at a local Chick-Fil-A, three t-shirt fundraisers, and one mask fundraiser. They were all a blast to do and a great way to connect with my classmates and others across campus. I have loved receiving adorable t-shirts over the years, so it was super rewarding to be behind the scenes allowing for others to receive some t-shirts, too!
  • Residents Housing Association Publicity Chair – Just like my Junior year, I continued to run RHA’s social media pages. This time around, most of my posts were about COVID-19 safety, since this year was mostly virtual. I also had a Co-Chair which lessened my role’s work load and she was super sweet and it was super nice, too.
  • Angels for Disability Advocacy (ADA) Vice President – My best friend Laurie was and still is the President for Angels for Disability Advocacy (ADA). It was super fun to be able to work alongside her in planning some super cool and fun events for ADA (all virtual, too!). We also coordinated an adorable t-shirt fundraiser and my roommate Sophie who was the Treasurer and I planned a panel event with her Big Sis Briana, as well!
  • Canaday Math & Computer Science Club (CMCS) President – Since being CMCS’s Events Chair, I decided to move up the ladder and become the organization’s President. In this role, I was able to connect a ton of my department to one another even during these unprecedented times. I planned a virtual panel with Meredith women who are STEM alumnae that had over 80 people come to on Zoom with other STEM-oriented organizations. I, then, joined forces with those organizations again for a STEM Trivia Night in honor of Pi Day (March 14) and an informal Q&A with the Chief Information Officer of SONOS Ruth Sleeter. Throughout this entire year as the CMCS President, I have thoroughly enjoyed my role and will miss it alongside my organization’s adviser Dr. Andreae!
  • First Year Experience (FYE) Student Assistant – My final year as a First Year Experience Student Assistant! This year, I served as a Student Assistant for a tiny Honors-only seminar with my Honors Adviser. It was super fun and special for each of our girls. I also loved that I got to individualize each of the girl’s experiences in the class, in order to best help them and what they’re interested in doing while at Meredith.
  • Freshmen Student Adviser – Also my final year as a Freshmen Student Adviser! I had a group of four lovely ladies in the Honors Program, each of which I truly bonded with. It was such a special group, despite having to meet mostly on Zoom. Such a great group to wrap up my Student Advising time at Meredith, too.
  • Honors Program Spring 2022 Trip Planning Committee Chair – Since having to move the Fall 2020 trip to Asheville, North Carolina to Spring 2022, I got to do some market research on making a COVID-19 safe and friendly trip for my Honors classmates to come. At the same time, I got to be apart of the decision-making process for this trip to making it a Spring 2022 trip and handing off my role as Chair to my good friend Hannah.
  • Study Abroad Peer Ambassador – I was fortunate enough to be able to study abroad in Summer 2018 in both Tuscany, Italy and London, England and Summer 2019 in San Ignacio, Belize. So, I decided to become a Study Abroad Peer Ambassador in order to mentor other students who want to study abroad, too, and provide them with hope that we will be able to travel again and that they can despite COVID-19 slowing down our travels and especially those international adventures.
  • Honors Program T-Shirt Subcommittee Chair – Every year, the Honors Program designs and sells an Honors Program t-shirt. This year, I got to chair the subcommittee that sold and designed that shirt. This role allowed me to combine my Fundraising Chair skillset for my Class with my love for the Honors Program. It was also a blast to be able to meet with and get to know underclassmen in the Honors Program!
  • Class Day Tri-Chair – Class Day is one of the many traditions (events) at Meredith College. Class Day is an event to honor the graduating class each year and their Little Sis Class (Class of 2023) makes numerals out of ivy and daisies in the class year numerals to honor their Big Sis Class (aka my Class – Class of 2021). I got to plan this event as one of the Senior Tri-Chairs with my friends Maggie and Miranda. My major role was coordinating the Class Day Fundraiser which was a t-shirt and mask. I also got to plan a lot of other event aspects, such as speaking at the event and recruiting speakers, coordinating with my Little Sis class, and much more. This event was a blast and it was such an honor to chair a Meredith tradition, too!!!
  • Honors Committee Member At-Large – As an active member of the Honors Program, I was offered a seat on the Honors Committee as a Member at Large. It was super fun to be able to help make decisions about the Honors Program as a whole with other students and professors who are also apart of it.
Welcoming in the Class of 2024 in COVID-19-safe fashion with my friend Karli!
Post-Zoom Freshmen Student Adviser training with my good friends Miranda, Chandler, and Julia.
Serving as a Marshall for the belated Class of 2020 graduation ceremonies to get ready for Class Day with my Trip-Chairs Maggie and Miranda!
The best part of being a Class of 2020 Marshall?! Getting to see my friends from the Class of 2020 such as my Math major friend Val!
My good friend Alanna was a Class Day and graduation Marshall for my Class Day and it was so special to have her at both!!!
Post-Class Day with my amazing Tri-Chairs Miranda and Maggie!
Obligatory friend group picture after a successful Class Day with Lexie, Sophie, Kaylee, Julia, and Chandler!

It has been such a blessing to be able to serve as a leader and officer in many different ways on Meredith’s campus. While I will miss being able to serve in the capacities that I have throughout my time at Meredith, I look forward to the many ways that I will be able to contribute to the world that we live in moving forward in my post-graduation life. Here’s to many more years of overcommitment!

XOXO – Katie <3


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